Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If you can quote "Folsom Prison Blues"...'re probably too old to trick-or-treat. I guess that requires some explanation of the backstory, huh?

We've had a good number of trick-or-treaters come by this evening (a surprisingly high number of Harry Potters, all of which were impressively realistic.) Most of them were toddler to elementary school age, which is what one would expect. A few others Two of the latter category arrived in prison outfits. Denise asked what they did that earned them hard time. Without hesitation, one of our doorway guests quipped "I shot a man in Reno." This was followed by my nearly dropping the candy basket, and Denise encouraging further song-quoting banter by querying "Just to watch him die??"

So, some food for thought for all you parents out there...if your kiddos can quote Johnny Cash, perhaps it's getting time for them to focus on their algebra homework instead of trick-or-treating. Just something to ponder...I imagine the Man in Black is grinning in his grave...

A post-game quiz for you readers (yes, both of you!): Why is the song's protagonist serving time in California for a crime committed in Nevada? I never quite followed that. If you can explain that to me, I'll give you a nickel.

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mkp said...

Wikipedia says that he was serving time in Folsom for another offense and is recalling the Reno murder as he reflects on a life of crime. You have some impressive (or disturbing) trick-or-treaters.