Saturday, October 13, 2007

Here's looking-at-you kids

We had an ultrasound on October 6. The bambinos have both more than doubled in weight since the last visit in late August! Our daughter is now an estimated 1.9 lbs and our son is now an estimated 2.3 lbs (it is typical for one to be slightly bigger than the other). Our daughter was occasionally putting her hand in her mouth -- it is exciting that they're big enough to observe that level of detail! The facial pictures are still a bit blurry, but of sufficient resolution to make out the major features. Their development is going right on track. Anyway, here's our daughter and our son looking right at you!
Our son's face at 26 weeks
Our daughter's face at 26 weeks
Switching gears a bit, I should comment on happenings of the season now that halloween season is upon us. This is a magical time of year when the weather gets cooler, college football is in full swing, and Denise gets excited about dressing up Truman in various halloween outfits. With regard to the last item, it appears a rather consistent pattern has emerged.
The normal sequence of events is that Denise breaks out the dog outfits for a "halloween preview", Truman meekly tries to hide (but to no avail), and I end up consoling him once Denise has plastered him in said outfit. I have advised Truman that even in middle age, he is still much faster than us, and he may want to take advantage of that. In case you thought I was joking, attached is photographic proof of our annual event.

I hope dog therapy isn't expensive

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