Monday, October 29, 2007

29 weeks and growing

We went in for the 29 week ultrasound on Saturday, and the bambinos are growing quite rapidly. They're each 50% bigger by weight than they were 3 weeks ago! Our daughter is 2.9 lbs and our son is 3.4 lbs (estimated). Hopefully they'll continue to grow at a healthy pace, but without causing their mom too much discomfort. Denise can definitely feel more impact from their jostling around.

Our daughter at 29 weeks

Our son at 29 weeks

We've pretty much got the nursery under control now. We got a glider earlier this month (pictured below) and also La-z-Boy recliner for one of the guest bedrooms. Why we waited 7 years to get a La-z-Boy is life's 2nd greatest mystery (shortly behind "How is it medically possible that Keith Richards hasn't died at least 3 or 4 times by now?"). It is soooooooooooooooo comfy. A few pics of the "95% solution" nursery are below.
Rock around the clock
"If I can change....and you can change....everyone can change!"

Given that these ramblings will be highly bambino-centric in 2008, this episode probably warrants at least some discussion dedicated to the Truminator. So here's a short anecdote...

Through some awkward cosmic force, we were both in the mood for hot dogs on Sunday evening. So I fired up the grill, and Truman (who generally follows me to the grill enthusiastically to volunteer as a taste-tester) took an uncharacteristic stance of curling up on one of our deck chairs and looking sad. It is likely that the sobering reality that there would be no hot dogs for him sunk in early. I did not feel too sorry for him, as he was the beneficiary of cooking too many pancakes Sunday morning.

I'd smile and look at the camera too if I could have a hot dog

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