Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going mobile...

I think we're reaching maximum density on the nursery. We got a mobile two weeks ago that has a remote control you can hang on the doorknob. It plays 5 different songs and projects all sorts of mesmerising images of stars, fish, etc. on the ceiling and walls. While intended for babies, it's remarkably Pink Floyd-esque (If you ever watched "Dazed and Confused", it's the type of thing Slater could watch for hours...). I wonder if Fisher-Price recognizes this potential source of revenue.
Warning: Contents may explode under pressure

The 31 week appointment went well last week, and current indications suggest there is a good chance we'll go to full term (December 20th). We have another ultrasound scheduled for Saturday Nov. 17th, and we're looking forward to seeing our bambinos and observing how they're growing and trekking about. Other than that, we're doing a bunch of preparatory odds and ends. I installed the car seats and we had them inspected, Denise prepared a bunch of "dream dinners" for the freezer (I highly recommend the lemon chicken with capers), and we got a camcorder (which may be of some utility if we actually take it out of the box.)

That's it for now...ultrasound pictures forthcoming within a week.

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