Saturday, November 24, 2007

A holiday first

Although we've been in our house 7 years now, we have always been out of town visiting my folks during the Christmas holidays. So even though we had put up outside holiday lights and decorated the house with stockings, wreaths, etc., we never took the initiative to put up a Christmas tree inside the house. But now that we'll have our maiden voyage into Christmas in Pearland, we figured this was the year to initiate a new tradition.

Yesterday we put up all our "normal" holiday decorations, and for the first time we put up a Christmas tree in our home. (Ok, so it's a "synthetic" tree, but for us it's quite a big step!) We enjoyed ourselves putting the ornaments on. I'm pretty excited that the house will be extra-bright and festive for the bambinos, as we hope to bring them home around Christmas-time.

Our first tree!

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Anonymous said...

Just prepare yourself. If you stay in Pearland again next year, you will need an octagonal baby fence as an added addition to your "normal" decorations. I have taken to putting the non breakable ornaments where the kids can reach. The more precious ornaments go out of reach of exploring fingers. Enjoy this time. It is magical to have the babies home for their first Christmas.

As for a previous post about the shower. Thanks for the "adorable" comment about my kids. Don't think that I'm not aware that my kids will lose some of their adorableness (did I just invent a new word?) once your own children make their entry into the world. I am so happy for you guys.