Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spin a long time, spin a long time...

Ok, so that was a bad play on words. However, the management and administration of eta1207 found it mildly amusing. The winners write the history books...

Looks like Grace has a new nighttime activity -- spinning like a roulette wheel. Earlier this week I woke up to feed them and Grace was nearly upside down from where we had placed her the night before. She was nearly kicking Dylan in the head! The next morning she apparently had launched into her spin antics again, this time landing perpendicular to Dylan and kicking him in the side. He seemed to be a fairly good sport about it, tolerating the jostling from his sister. (In all fairness, Grace is just "getting even" for having her brother kicking her in utero for the better part of 2007.)

Here is a picture taken about 5:00am Wednesday.

Give me a "T"!


mkp said...

The kids are brilliant - perhaps they are trying to spell "Truman" - hence the "T." I like it. Can't wait to see the "R."

Go Grace! Get yours. I heard your brother was a kicking beast in utero.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where else to comment about the poll but here. I think there are a couple of options missing, like mom with the kids or dad with the kids.

I love all the pictures. Thanks so much for giving those of us so far a way a little window into your happiness.

Love you all.