Friday, March 7, 2008

Bye bye channel 59

Another diversion...I imagine the idea emerged from a conversation that went something like this:

Jack: "Doesn't it strike you as unusual that never in human history has there been a radio station that continuously plays good music?"

Jill: "Why yes, Jack, that is quite odd."

Jack: "I wonder if something could be done about that."

Jill: "Well, it doesn't seem that complicated...aren't there any bands that play good music?"

Jack: "Well, yeah, a few..."

Jill: "Couldn't you just play a station with just that artist, and avoid all the talent-free rubbish?"

Jack: "I guess we could...whoa....are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Jack and Jill: "Led Zeppelin 24/7 !!! Brilliant!" (imagine Guinness commercial voiceover)

And thus was born XM Led...Satellite Radio Channel 59. A stalwart at speed dial #1 in the Honda Pilot, it has been the savior of my commute and the source of occasional air drums while stuck on Highway 288. Sadly, it is taking a hiatus for a while, but apparently it will be back later in 2008. Hurry back --- I can only maintain sustainance with the hair band channel for so long...

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D said...

I like Willie Nelson's station, #13. Seriously. The honkey tonk that never closes is way cool.