Monday, March 24, 2008

Princess and friends

Grace took Truman and I out to play in the backyard yesterday afternoon. Here's a snapshot of us enjoying the small sliver of springtime in suburban Houston (which precedes the other 3 seasons of July, August, and summer.)


mkp said...

Grace - cute dress. When you turn three, I'll teach you everything I learned about fashion from working at Banana Republic. Glad you took your dad and doggy out to play. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
I was just tracking down old friends and found you. You havent changed a bit. Congrats on the twins. I have a son and a baby on the way. I talk to Daniel Keir often, have seen Ashby and Rhett on rare occasion, and used to keep up with Todd King. I am still in Raleigh. Hope you are getting some sleep.
Feel free to email me sometime. Go Pack.

A-lan the A Man.