Monday, May 26, 2008

Just peachy

We're now in the experimental stage with foods, and have migrated from rice cereal to peaches. While they both seem to like their first foray into fruits, they have unique philosophies on the etiquette for getting from cup to mouth. It is delightful to watch their mealtime antics!

The enthusiastic attitude of certain young man (who will remain nameless) generally plays out like this: "This stuff is GREAT! What's taking you so long? Give me the spoon! Ok, I'll let you put this spoonful in my mouth....hey, aren't more peaches here yet? Here, I'm grabbing the spoon now. This stuff is delicious! Hey, why are you taking the spoon away from me? Whaaa! Mmm...crafty move there dad, putting food in my mouth while I'm crying...that's pretty yummy. Hey, give me the spoon! Look how strong I am! Oops, sorry about that dad, didn't mean to fling peaches on your tshirt...why are you smiling? Put some dreft on it and wash it in...hey, can I still eat that? these are good...this restaurant is 4 stars. Hey waiter, how about some more peaches? I'm a growing boy!"

A certain little girl has a decidedly different approach: "Look at how I can puff up my cheeks! Here, I'll put the peaches on my hands and then eat them off there, that's tastier than the peaches on the spoon. Plenty of time before naptime...I'll just keep nibbling for a while."

In unrelated news, check out some scenes of the week...

Nothing like some couch time at the end of a tough day

I'll be crawling soon!

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