Saturday, January 12, 2008

Houdini in a crib...

...might be a fitting moniker for Dylan. Despite dad's increased proficiency in swaddling the handsome guy, he always finds a way to get out. I asked him around 3:30am how he does it, only to be met with a contented silence. Magician's rule #1: Never reveal your secrets.

It is rather amusing how the neat and tightly arranged blanket after one diaper change can transform into a twisted chaos within a few hours. I suppose Dylan has a gift for origami.

"What can you make out of this, Dylan?"
"Well, I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl...."


neodoc said...

It is called the jello trick. These are small sqiggly sqirmy movements of the hands and feet that can loosen even the tightest swaddle. There is a swaddle I call the King Tut that I will be glad to demonstrate to you when you come for Maya's wedding. But wait, the kids will be too big to swaddle by then. This is the beauty of parenthood. By the time you learn and become competent at one parenting task the kids have outgrown it. How unfair is that?

Anonymous said...

With Wyatt I actually had to keep the room cooler and use 2 blankets. He could get out of one, but two was too much for even him.