Friday, January 4, 2008

Los pantalones vaqueros son muy grande...

A milestone today -- the first major fashion statement. As part of their winter collection, Dylan and Grace unveiled to the public for the first time their mega-big pants. Mom and Dad also went with the Springsteen look today, as we had our first professional family photos taken. We are pleased to announce that the photo shoot went well -- i.e. no major meltdowns! It was a good call to feed them right before leaving for getting the pictures taken. We are awaiting the pictures with great anticipation, as the photographer had some pretty nice props and setups.

There could be entire villages hiding in these pants!

We had our 2-week pediatrician checkup on Wednesday and were pleased to hear that everything is going well and they are healthy. Both Grace and Dylan have gained weight since birth (a good sign) and are now both 7.0 lbs and 20". Both of them are able to lift their heads up pretty regularly now.

ps. Saw the rest of "Pirates". To quote Otto from "A Fish Called Wanda"....DISAPPOINTED! I enjoyed the first 2 installments, but this one wasn't quite up to snuff.

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