Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family photos

Here are some products from our picture session last Friday. Kudos to Laura at Laura Odom photography, who had several creative ideas. Since Grace found a comfy spot on the bench, looks like Dylan had to sleep on the ground!


Anonymous said...

They are cute kiddos. I love them. Hey I like the fact they came out with a full set of hair. I am jealous Denise looks wonderful after giving birth to health twins. You two are very luck. Wait until they can run and walk... that is when all the fun starts.

Anonymous said...

I have tears as I type. You are a beautiful family...a very close runner up to the most wonderful family in the world :-) I know there was a bit of a struggle to get to this point, and looking at you all, I can tell it was so worth the wait. Dylan and Grace are the perfect blend of the two of you...I can't wait to meet them!