Monday, July 27, 2009

Word World

The kids are now 19 months old and their vocabulary is increasing daily. Here is a list of the most commonly heard words from the kids.

Grace- Mama, Dada, Mimi, hi, milk, water, shoes, socks, crackers, cookies, elephant, monkey, horse, apples, applesauce, doggie, ball, bubbles, book, bath, hot, not nice!, backpack, sticker, eat, no, wow, weee!, eyes, nose, hat, paci (pacifier), all clean!, Elmo, Roar!(like a lion), kisses. Grace's favorites are: milk, cookies, not nice and nose.

Dylan- Mama, Dada, hi, milk, ball, dog, socks, shoes, bubbles, nose, bath, duck, quack, cookie, cracker, no, wow, backpack, car, bird, Elmo, soft, more, good. Dylan's favorites include: more, cracker and bubbles.

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maya said...

Yay for the awesome vocabulary. Neal and I would like to teach them "What up, G?" and "Keep it real, homey." Those are words that will serve them well on the playground.