Saturday, May 30, 2009

Straw-ber-ry Fie-lds For min-utes

This morning our journeys took us to Froberg's Farms, a quaint family farm and store just up the road from us in Alvin, TX. On Saturdays they allow customers to pick fresh strawberries in the fields behind the general store. It's a brilliant business model (come to our place to do manual labor in 90 degree heat and then pay us.)

After running a few errands this morning, we were in the neighborhood and Denise suggested we drop by the farm. Although we were only out there for about 15 minutes (it was rather toasty out), the kids made the most of their inaugural fruit picking adventure. Each of us was given a plastic bucket in which to put the strawberries we picked, after which we would pay by weight. Grace was a very industrious helper with putting strawberries in the basket. Dylan was diligent in his fruit gathering as well, but not exactly placing them where he was supposed to.

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